15th June till 17th September 2022





On display a series of new works by Antonio Riello, rigorously drawn in the last two years with the blue ballpoint pen (Crystal BIC), tell the troubles and anxieties of an extraordinary and banal time at the same time. Obsessive and visionary drawings made by Riello sometimes with the collaboration of an artist-hermit: Gabriele Bonato. Theologies, apparitions, epiphanies, mysteries, devotions, perhaps miracles. Also rebirths, rereadings and resurrections.

The interior of the house in the era of the pandemic. A meticulous visual encyclopedia of domestic objects. The kitchen first and foremost. But also the living room (ambitious and important). The garage. And the bedrooms. Alcohol bottles often appear in the background, disturbing and reassuring.

Not just a complex and exhaustive maniacal repertoire. Also a liquid and floating sign. Objects vibrate and dance in spaces (real or imagined as they are) like quantum particles in electromagnetic force fields. Perhaps they are rapidly materializing. Or maybe they are slowly evaporating, turning matter into some form of energy. Portraits of quantum physics phenomena? Resonance hybrids? Not the precise sign of the pencil, rather the almost wild (and difficult to tame) run of the sphere that runs, bounces and runs away. Almost automatic writing, almost action-painting. Certainly the ethereal image of something that escapes and is not perfectly controllable. Very different from the widespread and persistent (until recently) beliefs about social, political and geopolitical reality. A new disturbing uncertainty. "Heisenberg Art" or something that looks like it ....

Ballpoint pen and paper. A choice not only stylistic, but also political: paper and ink pollute very little. This is not the time to make unsustainable art that consumes electricity to exist.

Floor work is also on display. A walkable work, a large round doormat. The classical tradition. The translation into late-modern artistic terms of the famous "Shield of Achilles" (the famous object sung in the XVIII book of the Iliad), that is the visual summary of a civilization and its iconographies. This work is carried out in a context of reuse and regeneration of waste materials: coir fibers from used doormats and recycled rubber dust from used car tires.


From 14 June to 17 September 2022